There is a lesson for political campaigns that marketers learned a long time ago. If a business just talked to people that have already bought their products, they would never see any growth. The same is true for political campaigns.

But political campaigns continue to make their primary focus voters that voted in the last election. To win elections, you need to work to find new voters or customers.

Many companies have had to change their strategies to market to new consumers. For companies that are trying to attract new segments of customers like millennials or Gen Z, it isn’t being done over the TV airwaves, because they don’t watch broadcast television. Many companies have implemented new strategies by marketing on Instagram, YouTube, Hulu, and Twitch.

Political campaigns have been slow to implement the strategies of traditional marketing agencies. You still see campaigns spending a disproportionate amount of money on broadcast television. There is too much time and money spent on communicating with voters that have voted in the past and not enough resources focused on growing the pie. Finding ways of communicating with voters where they are is critical to winning elections.

Like marketers, political campaigns need to find a better balance between retaining and recruiting voters. More people are getting their news from sites like Facebook than their local news channels, which means that more people are looking at a mobile screen instead of a TV screen. When you pair where individuals are getting their news and that millennials are the largest voting block, it seems natural to understand where political campaigns need to spend their time and money attracting new voters.

Political campaigns must focus on reaching new voters. And new voters get their news and information through non-traditional means.

We will be monitoring the 2020 elections and providing our analysis along the way. Please be sure to check back as we provide insights on how campaigns are staying connected to past voters and connecting with new ones.