Hamburg Pavilion

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Hello SiteMan for Retail! Yes, this project was about a responsive redesign but what really puts our mall clients at an advantage is our SiteMan for Retail platform. We know how busy everyone is in the retail world, so making a set of tools that is easy to use and populates content for you is like a dream come true. Our help in providing automated deals and trends feeds, helps boost mall site content to the next level. Pulling in data from our national retailer database also makes maintaining a constantly changing mall map way more feasible. The ability to access key Google Analytics data from your dashboard is another time saver we know you'll enjoy. The real fun comes in knowing all these elements are available without design constraints. So, when Hamburg Pavilion wanted to redesign, we were completely open to design for this open-air outdoor mall.



Hamburg Pavilion Laptop
Hamburg Pavilion Tablet
Hamburg Pavilion Tablet
Hamburg Pavilion Phone
Hamburg Pavilion Fullshot
Hamburg Pavilion Fullshot


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