Lakeview Surgery Center

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What's important to our clients is important to us! So, when Lakeview Surgery Center came to us wanting a redesign and the issue of their location being wrong at Google, we had some additional digging around to do. The undue grief of people not being able to find them was something we all knew needed to be resolved and did. In the process, they also ended up with a delightful new responsive website that is easy to edit using SiteMan CMS. But, Lakeview didn't just need standard SiteMan tools, they needed to be able to edit Doctor information in an easy and effective manner. Voilà, in walks custom development that makes new tools and front end coding specific for Lakeview. And any tool data can be shared via API so if they have 3rd parties that would benefit from such data, it's prepped and ready.



Lakeview Surgery Center Laptop
Lakeview Surgery Center Tablet
Lakeview Surgery Center Tablet
Lakeview Surgery Center Phone
Lakeview Surgery Center Fullshot
Lakeview Surgery Center Fullshot


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