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You know those times you get a project that is riddled with great collaborators, clientele, content (photography/video) and enthusiasm? Well, you need to seize the opportunity, rock the beat, and help sell a lot of spaghetti! Social media marketing for such a committed client with even more enthusiastic clientele makes a winning combination for growing social engagement, launching new social accounts and experimenting with lots of social target marketing. That’s not the only fun part, there’s all that data! SiteMan is capable of hooking into your POS system for limitless possibilities for number crunching. Or, we can write custom tools to store and track data like we did for Spaghetti Works. The Log Book tool became a great tool to compare sales on various dates. See what was happening 2 years ago in the restaurant or community to help you build the knowledge into a successful quarter, year, or event.



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